Addressing The “Elephant In The Room” About Marie Forleo’s B-School Program (Plus, B-School Bonus News)

Note: This post from our founder, Laura Roeder, was originally published in February 2015, and includes details for a promotion that was available at that time.

This post will remain on our blog as a resource for anyone who’s curious about Marie Forleo’s B-School and Laura’s role in helping to create the program, but any links related to the deal have been removed and notated. 

(You definitely would have figured all that out on your own, but, you know.)

In 2009, I had just moved to LA and was transitioning from being a web designer to my new social media marketing business. I quit web design because I had hit a ceiling – I saw that with my old model, I was putting a cap on how much my business could grow.

I was serious about making some big changes – building the foundation for something that could grow into a multi-million dollar business and run without me.

Enter: Marie Forleo.

When I first saw Marie onstage at a conference in late 2008 I thought – yes! This is the mentor I’ve been looking for. This is someone who understands me and what I’m trying to achieve.

Turns out my gut feeling was right.

A few months after we met, I wrote Marie a Big Fat Check to teach me everything she knew about business. The experience was transformational enough that I wrote the same Big Fat Check the next year. When something works, I stick with it!

The Real Story About The Beginnings of B-School

But by the second year our relationship had changed – we went from being mentor/mentee to being peers and close friends. We taught each other and constantly talked about problems in our industry.

Laura Roeder, Marie Forleo, and Richard Branson

Why was no one telling the truth about what it really takes to be successful online? Why were people acting like it’s some big mystery?

And more importantly, why did we have to go to scammy conferences to learn about online marketing?

After a long incubation period, we came up with the first iteration of B-School in 2010: THE Business school for making it big online. We poured our hearts and brains into the project – everything we had both learned about rapidly building mega-successful online businesses from scratch.

We went on to teach B-School together in 2010 and 2011, and then I left the project.

Why did I leave? Basically, it was a side project that turned into something much, much bigger. (At this point I don’t think the word “phenomenon” would be an exaggeration.) I was giving it side-project time while I ran my main business, and that just wasn’t working anymore. B-School had become a business of its own.

Since I left B-School, Marie has refreshed, recreated and made the school more and more effective each year. The success stories of the women that go through B-School leave me in awe. With B-School, it’s so clear that Marie is in the zone – she is one of the top online entrepreneurs in the world and actually manages to make topics like pricing and market research sound fun. This is a program that changes lives.

Laura Roeder and Marie Forleo

While I’m no longer an active part of B-School, it remains one of my proudest accomplishments. To see something that you helped to create become larger than you is one of the coolest, most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. I haven’t been a mom for that long, but this must be a little taste of how parents feel watching their children grow into adults that can thrive without them.

And that’s why I’m writing this blog post telling you about B-School.

B-School is a catalyst. B-School is a multiplier. I think B-School is so game-changing that for 2015, I’m offering up a HUGE bonus to anyone who enrolls via my partner link (Editor’s note – link removed). In the past, I’ve offered my Creating Fame program as a bonus, because it’s a perfect Part Two to B-School – but there’s a Part Three that everyone needs, too, and that’s where the elephant in the room comes in.

What’s the elephant in the room?

The thing is, I’ve offered Creating Fame as a B-School bonus in the past, and gotten some GREAT feedback. Here’s what some people have said about doing the two courses together:

I love it. I really can’t stress it enough. I tell everyone of my business friends that they have to go through LKR.” – Alexia Anastasio

“Pure genius and totally worth it. I feel like I got double my money’s worth. What this did for me? Created a pick-me-up where B-school left off. I felt like I had a go to plan afterwards and a tactical plan for the future. I haven’t done everything but her tips and ability to go at my own pace is 100% worth it. Going along I refer back as I grow.” – Marbel Canseco

LKR’s link helped me sign up for B-school, the Creating Fame ticket was what really pushed me to commit. I now have a template for how to make and execute a great plan. B-school widened my horizons for value add services and brand personality. I’m a changed person, basically.” – Kristen Hess

“Creating Fame helped cement some of the ideas from B-school. There was also more in depth info on guest blogging, podcasts, and interviews.I am so glad I did both. It really helped propel me to start my own website and online business.” – Donna Schwartz

But I didn’t want to stop at “good enough.” Getting two courses for the price of one is great and all, but getting THREE would be even better – so that’s exactly what I’m doing this year.

It’s easy to take it for granted, but after you build your business and market yourself online, there’s still one big thing that’s gonna get in your way, and that’s money mindset.

B-School & Creating Fame teach you skills and strategies for days. Creating Fame even goes into some mindset stuff about going after big opportunities.

But honestly, you’re still going to be stuck hitting the same income plateaus if you never get past your money stuff.

And believe me, we ALL have money stuff! If a part of you believes that rich people are evil, that it’s uncomfortable to ask for payment, or that making money is greedy – you are going to have a TOUGH road ahead try to hit six or seven figures.

My 2015 B-School Bonus

So that’s why I’m partnering with my favorite limiting-belief-demolisher, Denise Duffield-Thomas. Denise is a fellow B-Schooler whose wealth mindset course, The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, has become the industry standard.

Her ideas and techniques have really helped me see where I was limiting myself (just because you’ve broken the 7-figure mark doesn’t mean that your money stuff disappears).

In 2015, when you purchase B-School via my partner link you’ll receive a full pass to Creating Fame AND Denise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. That’s a package that only comes around once a year.

Here’s your link (Editor’s note – link removed) to get all the details – please note that you *must* register through this link in order to receive your bonuses. If you buy through any other route we won’t be able to track you.

B-School enrollment opens just once in 2015, and closes for good on March 4th. So don’t ponder this one too long!

Go forth and B-School! I’ll see you there.