What the Million Most-Shared Articles On Social Media Have In Common

Wonder what the million most-shared articles on social media have in common? They’re all doing something right, obviously – and if you know a little about what’s in their secret formula, then you can whip up some of your own! Recently, Fractl and BuzzSumo teamed up on a massive project: a study of the million […]

What Twitter’s New “Quality Filter” Actually Does

Twitter recently announced some big changes to how it works – and the types of content you should expect to see! (Dun-dun-duuuun!) One of those changes? A little something they’re calling the “quality filter” – which promises to limit the visibility of different types of tweets, including “content that appears to be automated.” For the […]

What Facebook’s Adblock Battle Is Doing To Your Page

There’s a huge fight happening in your Facebook News Feed right now – and we’re not talking about all those guys from your high school arguing about political memes. We’re talking about the ongoing feud between Facebook and ad-blocking plugins like Adblock Plus, which has recently escalated into a good old-fashioned turf war with you […]

How Bad SEO Strategies Lead to Bad Content, and What You Can Do About It

Quality content is one of the most sought-after resources on the internet. At the same time, there’s a general misunderstanding about what “quality” actually means in this context. A lot of people think that the quality of a post is measured by the amount of traffic it drives to a site. This could not be […]

Facebook’s New Weapon In The War On Clickbait

Facebook announced a huge change to its News Feed algorithm – and you won’t believe what happened next! (Okay, actually, you probably will.) Because headlines and links that sound like that – like clickbait – have been around for a long, long time. You’ve probably seen a whole lot of them in your day! Facebook […]

New Stats: Facebook Video Is Dominating Other Types of Content

Whether it’s live or recorded, Facebook loves video – but what effect is that having on all the other stuff people post on Facebook? What effect is it having on the other stuff you post? Well, now we have some pretty big clues – and it looks like Facebook’s love affair with video is having […]

Our Social Media Planning Routine

A strong social media planning game relies on a solid social media calendar. Your calendar is the backbone of your social strategy, the frame upon which everything else is built. It lets you stay organized, plan ahead, and keep a steady stream of content flowing on your social pages. In this post, we’ll break down […]

New Feature Alert: Facebook’s Latest Live Video Upgrades

Facebook has been pushing live video for most of 2016 – from giving broadcasts preferential placement in the News Feed to paying media companies to experiment with the new feature, they’ve made it clear that it’s a big priority. But Facebook isn’t stopping there! Now the social network is introducing even more updates to its live […]

How to Promote Your Blog with Podcasts

We’re big believers in the power of blogging for your business – our blog is one of our biggest sources of web traffic, and your blog should be too! Having a successful blog relies just as much on promoting your posts as it does on creating great content. Our last Edgar Learn post showed how to use your email list […]

Is It Time to Pay For Better Facebook Reach?

Dwindling organic reach is a sore subject for a lot of Facebook Pages, and it turns out that it’s a problem more and more are solving with their wallets. Facebook has a method for determining who sees your updates, and it’s a method that isn’t necessarily very kind to Pages – which means that while […]