Facebook’s Video Mistake – and How It’s Changing Your Stats

Has the popularity of Facebook video ever seemed just a little too good to be true? We know that Facebook has, in the past, given video posts preferential treatment. We know they do everything they can to get people watching – even if it means autoplaying videos in the News Feed. And we know that […]

Edgar’s Fave Five: What We’re Reading This Week

It can be hard to keep up with all the amazing blog posts out there, so as a little treat, we’ve gathered five great reads from across the web for you to take a gander at! Bookmark these and check them out this weekend while you sip mimosas over brunch (or inhale a Pop Tart […]

Blogging Checklist: What Not to Forget Before You Hit “Publish”

Writing a blog post is like making a sandwich – anybody can throw together a simple one, but if you really want it to be memorable, you’ve gotta show a little initiative. (The use of a panini press is only advisable for one of these situations, though. See if you can guess which!) Because while […]

How Your Business Could Be Affected By Instagram and Snapchat’s Lost Features

Within just a few days of each other, Instagram and Snapchat both announced that they’re dumping features – and the sort-of rivals are doing it for the same reason. Instagram is getting rid of its Photo Map feature, while Snapchat is calling it quits on Local Stories. Never heard of those features? Good – you […]

Beat Writer’s Block with a Better Writing Process

In our last Edgar Learn post, we looked at brainstorming techniques to help come up with ideas for your blog – particularly when it comes to creating that valuable evergreen content. Today’s post is all about turning those ideas into great posts and beating writer’s block with a tried-and-true writing process. Writing is a creative endeavor, for […]

Why Instagram’s Stories Feature Is So Much More Than a Snapchat Clone

If you’re one of the 300 million people using Instagram on a daily basis, you’ve probably noticed that Instagram Stories are a thing now. It’s one thing if you don’t care about this as a user, but if you use Instagram for your marketing, Stories should definitely be on your radar – because the feature […]

Coming Up With Evergreen Content

One of the most important parts of a solid content strategy is creating content that can last. Content that isn’t necessarily tied to a specific fad or trend, and that will be as meaningful if someone reads it in a year as when they read it today. (No pressure.) We call that stuff “evergreen content,” […]

What the Million Most-Shared Articles On Social Media Have In Common

Wonder what the million most-shared articles on social media have in common? They’re all doing something right, obviously – and if you know a little about what’s in their secret formula, then you can whip up some of your own! Recently, Fractl and BuzzSumo teamed up on a massive project: a study of the million […]

What Twitter’s New “Quality Filter” Actually Does

Twitter recently announced some big changes to how it works – and the types of content you should expect to see! (Dun-dun-duuuun!) One of those changes? A little something they’re calling the “quality filter” – which promises to limit the visibility of different types of tweets, including “content that appears to be automated.” For the […]

What Facebook’s Adblock Battle Is Doing To Your Page

There’s a huge fight happening in your Facebook News Feed right now – and we’re not talking about all those guys from your high school arguing about political memes. We’re talking about the ongoing feud between Facebook and ad-blocking plugins like Adblock Plus, which has recently escalated into a good old-fashioned turf war with you […]